Beards are Sexy (image)

Why Beards Are Sexy

by Minnesota Jodi

Minnesota Jodi headshot (image)I’ve noticed a lot of younger guys are wearing beards these days, big long and bushy beards. It’s beard season so here we go. Apparently it’s all about sex.

Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen hormone, and a sex steroid. It does stuff I don’t understand in the testes, hair follicles and adrenal glands. A Dr. (who wants to remain anonymous) knew how androgen effects hair growth and did a test. He grew a beard and isolated himself for several weeks and found his beard growth slowed. Once he returned to the main land and started having sex he found his beard grew faster. He concluded sex makes your beard grow. Other doctors laughed at this but you could always do some research of your own. Wink wink.

Charles Darwin hypothesized that beards may be part of sexual selection. That whole desire to mate with the fittest most alfa male so as to ensure a healthy gene pool. Now they’re not sure if women find beards sexier than clean shaven faces or if the beard signifies dominance as in “look how much hair I can grow!” “I am young and teething with androgen, the hormone that gives me sexual virility grrrr.” “Now let me impregnate you so that our clan may thrive.” Women develop breasts and hips to signal sexual maturity and men have beards to signify it. They also speculate that a beard’s sole purpose is to attract women because they are cumbersome in every day life. They itch, if you got into a fight your opponent could use it against you, and they collect food, so they must just be face jewelry.

Many men have red in their beards even though they don’t have red in the hair on their heads. No one knows why, but where is it written that every hair on your body has to produce the same color? Beard hair is often a different texture than head hair. Because only men get facial hair it could simply be that the chemical composition of beard hair is slightly different than head hair and has to do with the male hormone, but it’s not known for sure. I find beards sexy and love to play with my husband’s goatee, but I also love the feel of a freshly shaven cheek on my lips when I kiss it. As far as my male clients go, they’ve had luck picking up chicks with and without a beard. If you can’t decide whether to beard or not to beard, I always say shaved in the summer, beard in the winter. Why not have fun with it? Unless, of course, your woman says otherwise.

Minnesota Jodi hails from Duluth Minnesota. She’s been an Arizonan for six years all in the White Mountains. She owns North Star Salon LLC.