Navajo County Juvenile Probation working to keep local youth out of Detention

Holbrook, AZ – The Navajo County Juvenile Probation Department has teamed up with the Navajo County Accommodation District to help at-risk youth avoid jail by helping them learn life skills and earn missed credits through The H.U.B. (Hope, Unity, Belief) Center for Success.

“When kids go through the system or get ordered to come to our center from a judge, they can fall too far behind in school to make up the work,” Navajo County Chief Probation Officer Jason Cash said. “The Accommodation School allows them to make up those credits, and then they come to the H.U.B. where we instill life skills and provide them constructive outlets.”

The Accommodation School functions as an important diversion program for youth countywide to avoid being incarcerated. Both a judge or probation officer can order them to attend the school, and it provides them with a safe place to learn and develop important life skills.

“This center helps our local youth avoid going into juvenile detention, as well as helping those recently released acclimate back to school and social situations with peers,” Cash said.

The H.U.B. has received equipment donations from several local and regional partners to make this a reality.  Industry partners such as Guitar Center have been critical to develop a music room (complete with top-of-the-line equipment and a recording studio), and other generous support has allowed for a computer room, a greenhouse and a woodshop to help at-risk youth develop constructive skills and hobbies.

“Guitar Center, as well as the State, have been great partners in helping us get equipment and develop this music room,” Cash said. “This will be a safe space for our at-risk youth to learn good behaviors and how to express themselves in a positive way.”

The H.U.B. is still under construction at this time, but the Juvenile Probation team plans to hold a celebratory open house toward the beginning of the school year.

For more information: Contact Adam Wolfe, Navajo County Government Relations Director, at (928) 524-4165 or