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Myths About Baldness

by Minnesota Jodi

There are many myths about baldness. Some of these myths are: it’s inherited from your mother’s father, exercise causes baldness, being intellectual causes baldness, stress causes baldness, wearing hats causes baldness, and a bald head is a solar panel for a sex machine. You’ve never heard that one? Feel free to use it.

The mother’s father thing has to do with the X chromosome, but there’s only a 50% chance of a person sharing an X chromosome with his maternal grandfather. If a person’s dad was bald, they are 2.5 times more likely to experience hair loss. Personally my dad is bald, his twin has a small bald spot and his older brother has a full head of hair, so what does that mean?

As far as exercise goes it has to do with the idea that exercising increases testosterone. Testosterone is an androgen hormone and androgen causes baldness, but they’ve found people who are sedentary or have low testosterone also go bald. The intellectual thing came from living long enough to go bald. Meaning, you probably had money and access to education and therefore had a job that was probably less dangerous or less likely to kill you. Stress will cause hair loss but not baldness, there’s a difference. Hair loss will grow back; baldness is permanent loss of hair.

As far as hats or anything rubbing on the hair, it’s true that it can cause breakage and split ends. If the hat is not clean, it can clog pores and cause pimples, but there’s no evidence it directly causes baldness. There is traction baldness that comes from constant pulling in an area, but hats usually aren’t tight enough to cause that. As far as being a sex machine, that’s all you, baby.

Minnesota Jodi hails from Duluth Minnesota. She’s been an Arizonan for six years, all in the White Mountains. She owns North Star Salon, LLC.