Fall—a Changing Season feature (image)

Fall—a Changing Season in the Beautiful White Mountains

Presented by the Town of Springerville

Come visit Springerville, the Gateway to the White Mountains and share in the most dramatic displays of fall colors in our changing seasons. High elevations of the mountains and many species of deciduous trees provides a feast for the eyes.  Fall foliage lures many leaf peepers to the mountains to take in the stunning array of colors, but what constitutes a great fall color year and how do experts predict peak times to see color?  Scientists are beginning to unravel the mysteries of fall colors. Did you know the reds and yellows guarantee a return of new healthy growth in the spring?

The leaves change, the forest fills with bright yellows, vivid crimson.  When you drive the mountain roads, scatterings of brilliant orange blow across the highway. Leaves pile around the base of fence posts, scatter against the sides of the roadways.  But why and how do these leaves change?  The trees provide all this wonder, free of charge.  Trees do work, using a special process called photosynthesis. They acquire raw materials—sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the air and they create a product: delicious carbohydrates, especially sugars like glucose, which they use for energy. They bind that glucose up with nutrients from the soil and other molecules to create the raw materials for structural components like leaves and stems. The yellows and gold colors actually deter insects from laying eggs in the bark of the trees. Insects are naturally repelled by these colors! Autumn is a kind of preparation for the coming changes of winter: the tree drops the leaves that the frost would kill, and prepares for winter dormancy.

Take a day to soak in the beauty and awe of this changing time, these spectacular fall colors.  As the sun is setting and your first day is almost at an end, drive back to town to spend an evening enjoying a feast at one of our great restaurants, do some shopping at our numerous boutiques (Springerville is known for its artist community!) and then rest up at one of our many hotels—getting ready for a second day on the mountain… (Don’t forget, Springerville is only 20 minutes away from the mountain—much closer than other mountain towns which means you spend less time driving and more time enjoying your vacation days.) On your second day you may consider taking the tram up the mountain, ride ATV’s or rent a horse and ride the trails of the Old West. Don’t forget, fishing is great at this time of year as well…

You may want to coordinate your visit to see the Fall Colors and spend some time at our 2nd Annual Color Fest. There will be entertainment, games for the children, lots of vendors and lots to do throughout the town.

You need to head to a rural spot to appreciate the wide variety of animals and habitats that exist beyond the suburbs. You won’t need to shoosh your children every five minutes in the forest—they have a natural compulsion to quiet down when there is the bubbling expectation of discovering something wonderful.

If you have the intuitive feeling that you are not alone, and you hear this amazing bugling sound, unlike anything else, keep your eyes open and you might see some of our majestic elk family keeping an eye on you.

On your way back home, don’t be surprised as the magic of the mountain lingers. Memories of the changing seasons remind you that winter is right around the corner. As the colors begin to fade, and the weather takes on a signaling chill, the mountain will shed it’s multiple hue to it’s winter white. Visions of crackling fireplaces, rosy cheeks and snowflakes on eyelashes will urge you that it is almost time to start planning your next vacation for our ever changing seasons on the mountain!

Our Gateway to the White Mountains, the town of Springerville, will welcome you back… And we’ll leave the light on for you!