Springerville, Arizona (image)

Come Share the Magic: Springerville For Your Holiday Excursions

The holiday season is here and the Town of Springerville invites you to come browse through our shops. You will find creative ideas for all of your friends and family members for the Christmas season. Do you long for that hometown spirit? In all cases, you can anticipate a warm personal welcome by our local shop owners.

Springerville, known as The Gateway to the White Mountains, not only offers unique shopping opportunities, but also caters to those who are interested in searching out undisturbed nature, peaceful surroundings, good tasting fresh food, and  open-air activities. All traditional snowsports can be enjoyed right here in Arizona’s winter  wonderland.  Cross Country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowcatting, snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating, tubing, ice fishing, and even old fashioned sleigh rides.

Those who aspire to shop local and visit our great outdoors, still have an opportunity to beat the rush of Holiday shopping, black Friday and other crowd busters. Springerville offers a great opportunity to find unique, authentic crafts, jewelry, photography, paintings and other wares made by our local farmers, artisans and craftspeople. “We try really hard to find things that are special, that you don’t see every other day and that are affordable,” notes one local business owner, “People are saying that they have ‘mall fatigue’. They’d like to spend some leisure time, walk around with a steaming cup of hot cider, coffee or hot chocolate as they stroll through our historic downtown area. An ‘entrepreneurial spirit is taking hold’….  These are not department stores banging out merchandise. These shops put a personal effort into your buying experience and you will get a better caliber of merchandise. Shop local – relax and enjoy your Holiday shopping.”

The holiday spirit is alive and well in Springerville as we prepare for upcoming events like the Annual Lighted Christmas Parade on December 3rd from 6 – 7 pm. The parade will take place on the Main Streets of Springerville and Eagar and will be a beautiful holiday spectacle to behold.

Another magical experience for families is the annual Lighted River Walk at Becker Wildlife Area in Springerville. The walk takes place on select dates along the Little Colorado at Becker Wildlife Area along Highway 60 in Springerville from 6-8 p.m.  Entry is free, hot chocolate will be served, and donations accepted. Dates include: Fri, December 2, 6pm – Sat, December 3, 8pm; Fri, December 9, 6pm – Sat, December 10, 8pm; Thu, December 15, 6pm – Sun, December 18, 8pm. Parking is available at the closed state weigh station. The Springerville van will make continuous loops from the weigh station to the Becker Wildlife Area to safely transport families across the highway. Make this a family tradition, bundle up, and enjoy the festive atmosphere and numerous displays provided by area businesses. For more information, please contact the Springerville-chamber at (928) 333-2123.

Urban visitors spending more than just a weekend in our area are sure to have a story to tell when they return home. This starts with tasting unknown food or often homemade drinks. Time has another meaning in rural areas, personal conversation is still at the heart of human relations.  You may be surprised by the open and hearty welcome you receive from the local residents and shop owners as well as the magical memories you will treasure for a lifetime.