Haven by Kay Hooper book cover (image)

Book Review: Haven by Kay Hooper

Reviewed by Yvonne Schneider, Books n Treasures

Haven is one of numerous romance and mystery novels written by Kay Hooper. This book is the first in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Trilogy.

In the book, the author introduces the reader to Emma Rayburn from Baron Hollow, North Carolina. Emma is the innkeeper at Rayburn House, her former family home turned into a bed and breakfast. We see Emma having numerous nightmares about a girl or woman running in the woods—trying to escape—and the end is always the same: the girl ends up dead.

We also meet her sister Jessie Rayburn at Haven, a privately owned and run organization that provides psychic operatives for investigative work located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She also is having nightmares and decides to return to Baron Hollow, which she left abruptly fifteen years ago at the age of seventeen.

In the background scenery of the town we feel an individual who is surprised Jessie is back, and worried she will uncover what they had done so many years ago.

Meanwhile Jessie sees a spirit who tells her that it is bigger than her memories, bigger than her pain and guilt—and asks her to stop the killer before he keeps on killing.

What follows is “an intricate and complicated story with…plenty of twists and turns.”

—Kirkus Reviews.

I found the book to be an interesting glimpse into the world of psychics, telepaths, and mediums.

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