At Home in the Garden with Pinedora Farms

Nestled deep in the forest near the hamlet of Pinedale lies a little meadow where kids play in the mud while chickens peck and scratch at the Earth and lovingly planted seeds are quietly growing fuel for change. As relaxing as the scene may be, Pinedora Farms is very much a family’s labor of love and the result of the hard work put in by Lisa Kaiser (aka Mama Hen and President of the 501(c)3), her daughter Jennifer Kaiser (VP, certified Herbalist and Holistic Nutrition student), and son and daughter in law Dylan and Kate Adams (also a herbal medicine student and bee enthusiast) and their adorable junior gardeners, Aven and Scarlet.

With a long and impressive background in business management as well as an extensive education in natural medicine and nutrition, Lisa decided a few years ago it was time to pursue a dream she and her family had spoke of for a number of years: to build a self sustainable family farm. After a few years searching the country coast to coast, Lisa found the perfect property nearly by accident during a late night internet search and the story of Pinedora Farms as an Organic Farming, Off-Grid Living, and Self-Sustainability Educational Center began.

“Jennifer and I have owned our natural skincare company since 1998 and we all study natural medicine. The girls are currently students, but the learning never really stops,” says Lisa with a chuckle during our recent interview, “We decided that we wanted to utilize our formal educations for more than just skin care. We want to grow the food not only to supply to the community, but to also teach sustainability. We have built the first of three green houses and plan to build an educational facility where we will have a big kitchen to demonstrate food preparation and preservation techniques.”

As an educational facility, Pinedora Farms offers a five course series designed to help people take back their power when it comes to their health. This series has become particularly popular in the corporate setting to help reduce employee turnover and sick time taken. “In our classes, we discuss the importance of mindful eating, which entails being mindful to what you put in your body and how you feel after you eat it. If you pay attention to that, you don’t need to ‘diet’ because you start realizing what foods make you feel better. Each class is one and a half to two hours long and can be completed all in one day, one a week or whatever works for the business. We can come to your location and supply tons of reference materials and make it a fun, hands on demonstration of how to eat your way to better health and achieve a mind – body connection,” notes Lisa.

Another program that is near and dear to the Pinedora collective heart is their E.L.F (Educating Little Farmers) Program. “An alarming number of kids think food simply comes from the grocery store. We enjoy the opportunity to bring kids out here for an educational experience of getting their hands dirty so they can start from a young age knowing where food comes from. We teach from the ground up about soil and the benefits of worms and other bugs. We plant seeds, check out the chicken coop, learn about compost and enjoy healthy snacks from the garden. Needless to say, we do not discourage getting dirty around here,” says Lisa with a warm laugh.

On Sunday, July 28th, Pinedora Farms will host their Summer Greenhouse Gathering where the public is invited to come tour the greenhouse, learn about the benefits of juicing and some innovative recipes for things like muffins and crackers made with the pulp by-product.

The girls of Pinedora Farms can also be found at the Show Low Main Street Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm where they sell their organically grown produce, eggs, herbal teas, bitters and tinctures for digestive health, fire ciders that help boost your immune system, healing oils and skincare products like lotions, all natural mosquito repellent, belly butter for expecting mothers, hair serums, and body oils and mists.

For more information about Pinedora Farms, their products, classes and upcoming events, please visit You can also email Lisa direct at