Explore History, Art, and Area at Springerville Heritage Center

photos by Amie Rodgers

The Springerville Heritage Center offers visitors and community members opportunities to learn about history, art, and the area. If you’re visiting the area, you’ll appreciate the Visitor’s Center with plentiful area information, maps and souvenirs. Even as a local, you will be impressed by the amount of history and art abounds in this historic school building.

“The Heritage Center itself is located in the historic school building, which dates back to the late 1800s through the late 1990s. The beautiful main hallway is home to an art gallery displaying the work of local artists. The museum is comprised of a number of rooms hosting individual museums and collections, including the Casa Malpaís Museum, the Renee Cushman Museum, the Becker Family Collection, a volcanic exhibit, and a video exhibit in the Joseph and Emma Udall Theatre,” says Springerville Heritage Center museum director Susan Seils. “There is lots of interesting history here and we look forward to sharing it with visitors, groups and locals alike. The heritage center is located at 418 E. Main Street in Springerville and we are open year-round, Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information, please call us at (928) 333-5375.”

Renee Cushman Art Collection

An outstanding collection of European art, which includes an engraving attributed to Rembrandt, three pen and ink drawings by Tiepolo, and dozens of other pieces of art, a Steinway piano, and furniture dating from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

This remarkable collection was a gift to the area from Mrs. Renee Scharf Cushman, who had lived in the area for only a few years during and after World War II. Only upon her death in 1969, when she willed this valuable collection to the local Latter-day Saint congregation, did anyone begin to realize how much she had loved the land and respected the people.

In 2012, after over 40 years of honoring, arranging tours and caring for this collection, the Springerville and Eagar Third Wards passed the Renee Cushman Art Museum on to the town of Springerville, to allow a greater exposure to the collection.

Joseph & Emma Udall Theatre

An elegant and yet cozy venue to catch a presentation of the video Valle Redondo: The Story of Springerville and Eagar.

Becker Family Collection

The Beckers were a major force in settling Springerville. Gustav Becker is often referred to as the father of U.S. Highway 60, the first transcontinental highway.

Casa Malpaís Archaeological Park and Museum

The Casa Malpais Museum houses many artifacts that came from the archaeological site located north of town. These artifacts date from around 1200 CE.  Tours of the site originate from here Tuesdays through Saturdays weather permitting. A well-produced  video of the site provides the history and is shown 20 minutes prior tour times, and is available upon request for all.  Tours start from the museum Tuesday through Saturdays from March to November three times a day (weather permitting). For more information, please visit

Local History Museum

Take a step back in time in this truly unique museum with antiques and artifacts from the old west. Old buildings have been authentically restored to their original condition and around every corner you’ll see turn of the century vintage fashions as well as local artifacts such as the projector from the El Rio Theater and a millstone from the Milligan Grist Mill, which was built in Eagar in the late 1870s.