White Mountain Woman's Club Helps Stock LIttle Free Libraries feature (image)

White Mountain Woman’s Club Helps Stock Little Free Libraries

White Mountain Woman’s Club Joins the Effort to Stock Local “Little Free Libraries”

The White Mountain Woman’s Club (GFWC-AZ) has partnered with the White Mountain Nature Center to give a child a book to read and to give a child the skills for success. John Jarchow, a board member of the White Mountain Nature Center, started a books for children program, then heard about the “Little Free Libraries” and they built little kiosks to hold books for children. The program is a simple library for children—ages 3 – 4 up to 8th or 9th grade. There is no charge, no check-out process. The children (with parents help as required) just open the little glass door, look inside at the selection—take a book, bring the book back, replace it with another book, or keep the book. The idea is to make it easy for a child to have a book of their own to read and to share.

We have talked to some of the parents and they love the convenience. The small library with a small selection actually helps the children to choose a book. Parents told us sometimes in the community libraries, the selection of books is just too overwhelming for little ones to make a decision and the child and the parents sometimes wind up in frustration. The small selection, as long as it is current and different, is such great fun and it is so easy.

The White Mountain Nature Center has given White Mountain Woman’s Club the responsibility for three of the Little Free Libraries and we have club members who have volunteered to place books and keep tabs on the Little Free Libraries. The location of the Little Free Libraries are: on the right as you enter Darbi’s Restaurant, at the Mountain Meadow Ballpark by the main entrance to the ball fields, on Church Street behind the Pinetop/Lakeside City Hall.

If anyone has children’s books to donate or has questions, please contact Sherri Beardsley at (928) 537-1567, White Mountain Woman’s Club.