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The Maverick Magazine Goes Digital

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After an extended hiatus, The Maverick Magazine rejoins the digital age with a brand new website built especially for quick searches, large images, and mobile friendly display on your tablet or phone.

Print publications have a finite amount of real estate—the hard cold fact of creating a physical product—but studies have verified a preference for print across all age groups, even the millennials. Conversely, online formats are often favored because the number of words or pictures on a page is limited only by the ability of the computer to process the content. When print meets digital, readers benefit.

Built by local web-development company, Spider Trainers, The Maverick Magazine’s new online format enables us to extend the length or augment print articles with digital content. We have massive amounts of space we intend to fill with photo galleries, story details, calendar events, links to similar or related content, and additional engagement paths for local businesses to reach you.

Take a moment to explore our new site. We have places for you to share your photos, send your letter to the editor, add events directly to your own online calendar, and even download back issues.

We hope our digital content helps you to enjoy our publication even more and welcome your feedback. If you would like to leave a comment about The Maverick Magazine’s digital format, please click here to use our comment form.

Images: Websites of The Maverick and other local businesses built by Spider Trainers.