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Talking About the Birds + Bees + Kids

Special Training Event for Educational and Health Professionals

Birds + Bees + Your Kids by Amy Lang imageAlthough most of us remember what it was like to be a teenager (and even a kid), many find it difficult to have The Talk about sex with our kids. It is equally hard (if not more so) to have open dialogue with someone else’s kid as a professional who works with children, teens, and parents.

The Keeping Kids Safe Tour is dedicated to creating a culture of understanding when it comes to communicating sex education in the home from parent to child and child to parent. In addition to the June 11th parents-only presentation by nationally acclaimed speaker Amy Lang, the Naked Truth Coalition is also hosting special training events for our community’s educational and health professionals as well as first responders and home visitors.

On June 9th and 10th, sexuality educator and author Amy Lang will be addressing a number of important topics concerning sexual behavior in children and how to best educate and protect our youth.

One such subject will be how to identify what is typical and what is not typical in sexual behavior and development in young children and how to identify potential signs of sexual abuse. Amy will also discuss the impact our sexualized media has on children’s healthy development and strategies to reduce media influence.

To further empower professionals, Amy Lang will address how to effectively talk with parents about their children’s sexual behaviors  and recognize red flags in adults, including indicators of potential grooming.

If you work with children, teens, or parents, the knowledge imparted in this special-training opportunity will help you better do your part to keep our kids safe.

There will be two training events: one for health and educational professionals and first responders on June 9th from 8:30 am to 5 pm, and one for home visitors on June 10th from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Both classes will be held at NPC’s Silver Creek Campus in Snowflake (1611 S. Main Street).

The registration for the June 9th class is $20 and for June 10th, it is $15. The Navajo County Family Advocacy Centers will receive 100% of the fees as a donation to support young victims of sexual abuse.

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