Sue's Crew AZ featured image

Sue’s Crew AZ: Road Warriors for a Cure

by Amie Rodgers

On May 14th, the sun was shining down on over 300 walkers as they took part in the Sue’s Crew 5th Annual 30-Mile Walk. This year had the largest number registered at 379 and at the time of publication, more than $33,000 had been raised with proceeds going to the Summit Healthcare Cancer Center, the American Cancer Society in Cumberland, MD, and the American Cancer Society in Show Low.

Sue’s Crew AZ has come a long way from the first year where local resident Jim Hillebrecht diligently walked over twenty miles to raise funds for cancer research. “The story starts back in Cumberland, Maryland, where my wife, Susan, died of breast cancer. My daughter, Kristen, still lives in Maryland. She is the cog of the Sue’s Crew machine. She started it in Maryland and of course, I was out here, not doing anything,” he chuckles. “After having a quadruple bypass, I decided to start Sue’s Crew AZ. The first year, I did the walk myself. I wanted to walk twenty-six miles, but I can’t add so I ended up walking 27.2. Then I was upset with myself because I was so close to thirty; so that is how it became a thirty-mile walk from Show Low to Pinetop-Lakeside and back again.

The next year, eleven other people joined me. Five of us finished the entire thirty miles. We gave the Cancer Society $10,000. The next year, more than a hundred people walked and we met our goal of $30,000.”

Last year, not even some of the coldest, wettest, nastiest weather could stop more than a hundred walkers from braving the elements.

With so many doing so much to support this cause, Jim Hillebrecht is overwhelmed with gratitude when it comes to thanking the many people and businesses that have come forward to support Sue’s Crew AZ. “This is not all about Susan Hillebrecht or me. We are just one story. There are thousands of stories like our around the country. There are many stories here in our community and that is why we walk. We walk to salute their bravery and refusal to quit despite being tired and in pain. There are no awards given to those who walk 30 miles because we don’t want to diminish the value of those who walk 2 miles because that is all they can do. The reward is in challenging yourself and joining the fight to end this thing we call cancer.”

Even though we are sure we may have forgotten a few names, duplicated some, or terribly misspelled others, please see the special pull-out poster in the centerspread of this issue commemorating the many community members who have put one foot in front of the other to make a difference. You are appreciated!

The 2017 Sue’s Crew Walk will be on May 13th. For more information, to make a pledge or to register as a walker, please call Jim at (602) 717-6746. You can also visit and find them on Facebook.

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