NPC Student Art Show Winner: Perry Wray featured image

Students Shine at NPC Student Art Show

Photos and story by Judi Bassett

On May 6, 2016, the Northland Pioneer College held their annual Student Art Show Awards Ceremony and Reception at the White Mountains campus’s Talon Gallery. Students from all art classes submitted work juried for the show. Submissions included film, drawing, ceramics, photography, oils, acrylics, metal art, and more. The event was attended by students and their families traveling from across Navajo and Apache counties. Awards were presented by category for honorable mention, third, second, and first place. A People’s Choice Award and Purchase Awards were also presented.

I have attended this event for many years and find it to be very successful and an inspirational event as I see what students from all backgrounds and styles can come up with for their artistic style. It provides me with a local venue for viewing what art possibilities are out there and how others create art outside of the box.

One particular work provided me the opportunity to learn about Saggar-fired ceramics from Perry Wray. This use of a variety of substances creates a style and finished product beyond amazing. With copper wire, bronze Brillo pads, epsom salts, and cedar shavings, he creates an end result both unique and beautiful.

In the featured image above, Perry Wray explains Saggar-fired ceramics. Photos below are as follows:

First and Second Place Photography: Stuart Holmes. Holmes’ first place piece shows Mark Ford, Faculty in Audio/Video Production NPC, during a live film class project. Second Place, Autumn Aspens.

Third Place Painting: Tammy Keen, Watercolor, Zebra.

John Pitterle proudly poses with a portrait of himself, Bright Spirit in the Dark, drawn by his daughter, Miracle Pitterle Bumgarner. Bumgarner is a first year student at NPC attending on a two year scholarship in art and psychology.

First Place Drawing: Leslie Gardner, pencil and charcoal, Seashell Enlarged

Purchase Award, Mixed Media: Billy Bahe, Goat Return Home. Even though this piece was listed as not for sale, NPC President, Dr. Jean Swarthout was able to convince him to let her purchase it for her private collection. This piece came with a wonderful narrative of how the Goat Returned Home.