Mudslingers Drive Thru Coffee: A Dream, A Drive Thru and a Dedicated Businesswoman

by Amie Rodgers

It could be said that even the greatest things start as someone’s dream before they become anyone else’s reality and the story of Mudslingers Drive Thru Coffee in Show Low is no different. Well before the chic yet rustic building was constructed or the first coffee was ever served, proud mom of two Wylene Young dreamed of owning her own business and serving the community.

“I’ve always loved making people happy and I think with food or drinks, there are always good things taking place around that. I like serving people and knew it was something I would enjoy doing. I like the idea of serving quality products so conveniently that you don’t even have to get your kids out of the car,” laughs Wylene like a mom who knows, “And just because we have a drive thru doesn’t mean we are ‘fast food.’ You don’t have to sacrifice quality and nutrition for convenience. We have professionally trained baristas, the right equipment, and high end products. All of our coffee and espresso beans are freshly roasted as I order them and we serve coffee from the East Coast. Most of the coffee you find here is from the West Coast. The roasting process is different and as a result, the taste is unique.”

In addition to coffee any way you can fathom, Mudslingers serves real fruit smoothies, Italian sodas, kids creams in flavors like cotton candy and bubblegum, and an extensive variety of specialty tea drinks. “We have energy drinks with a variety of infused flavors like pineapple, lemon grass or kiwi and we are adding more everyday. We also have a lot of specialty tea drinks created specifically for the Mountain. Our Green Matcha has a lot of health benefits and is delicious, especially if you’re not a coffee drinker,” smiles Wylene, “We serve a breakfast menu with freshly baked pastries like our zucchini bread, which is really popular. Our muffin tops also fly off the shelves. We also serve breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches like sausage, egg and cheese on a bagel made at Karen’s Cafe in Lakeside (so you know they are delicious!).”

Although there are forty Mudslingers locations in the U.S., Show Low became home to the only location in Arizona on March 1st of this year. Wylene notes that she was impressed by the chain’s quality products, franchisee support and more control on the local level to tailor things to suit the individual community.

“I am excited to be part of the community and have this opportunity to offer good quality products to the Mountain. We regularly contribute to local charities, which we love to do. We recently had the opportunity to support the Living Hope Centers, sponsor a saddle at the rodeo and look forward to getting more involved with youth organizations,” smiles Wylene, “I am very hands on and involved in this business. I am very invested in Show Low because we love it here and want to make it a better place. This area is growing and good things are happening and I want to be part of that. This is where my life is and where we chose to raise our boys because we love it here.”

Blessed with beauty, brains and the support of her family, we asked Wylene to share her secrets of successful dream realizing. “The biggest thing is to not give up when things get hard because you can get through it. We encountered a number of obstacles before we opened our doors, but we stayed the course. I also think being successful is knowing when to look for allies and seek help in areas you need it. NPC’s SBDC is a great local resource and Tracy Mancuso is awesome. With her years of banking expertise, she was instrumental in helping obtain our funding. With her help, we were able to break down all the numbers and provide projections for our lender. I would definitely recommend NPC’s Small Business Development Center to any business owner or someone considering going into business. You can’t do it alone unless you’re an expert at everything and most of us are not,” chuckles Wylene, “To have the SBDC there as a resource at no cost was truly amazing. They also offer classes like the Profit Mastery class I took, which was really helpful. I’m also very grateful for my husband Kevin’s support and the support of my amazing staff. I have a great team that really works well together. They make a difference in my life and I make a difference in theirs.”

Open 6 am to 6 pm seven days a week, Mudslingers is located at 4450 S. White Mountain Road in Show Low. For more information, you can call (928) 537-2191 or visit www.mudslingersshowlow. com. You can also find them on Facebook and get updates on the newest specials. Ongoing discounts include first responders (fire fighters, police, forest rangers, etc) and veterans get 25% off their orders. Be sure to get your punch card and enjoy double punches on Wednesdays.