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Mountain Meadow Complex Hosts Renaissance Faire

Holy Crowned Heads of Europe! The Queen has Been Royal-Napped!

Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ—Good populace, pray thee, devote thy attentions to news of massively great import!! Chaos reigns at the 9th Annual Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire to be held July 8 – 10, 2016 at Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex at 1100 Woodland Rd in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Julia del Castillo, has been taken captive by Captain Kilted Jack and his first mate, Plank! The shire is all a tither with plans to track down the audacious pirates who are demanding treasure for the Queen’s safe return. Our gallant knights shall fight for the honor of leading the charge against the pirates in the 6th annual Royal Rumble.

The rest of the Wyvernton Shire is busily preparing for the return of her majesty with music by Far From Home, Drumming by 3 Guys and a Bunch of Drums and, of course, the beautiful ladies of Ghazaal Beledi will be dancing to keep spirits high!

Since plans for the annual royal visit were already underway when the pirates struck, her Majesty had already proclaimed Friday, July 8th as Di Vinci Day. From 10 am to 1 pm children (17 & under) shall be granted free pass at the boarder entrance (gate) with a paid adult admission! These children are hereby ordered to receive a “treasure map” at the gate and visit each location on said map to obtain a conformation mark. Upon completing this task, children are instructed to return to the boarder entrance (gate) to receive “payment” for the task!

What hasn’t changed is the fun and fascinating things that attendees can expect to see and do. Returning to the shire in anticipation of the queen’s rescue will be the Greyhounds of the Royal Realm. The amazing local craftsmen Howard Noble and his surfs shall be custom making armor, art and blades on site.  Regardent Hare will be busily tooling leather bits, bobs, belts, pouches and more. Artisans of many disciplines will be on hand to serve all comers.

To entertain the wee ones, there be riding and petting animals, games and rides as well as a chance to test their own knightly fighting skills! But be weary of the pirates that prowl the grounds!

Join us for food, drynk, and folly!

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