Brenda Popp, owner, Made in Nana's (image)

Made at Nana’s

Creativity abounds at Made at Nana’s in Pinetop (next to the Barn Restaurant). Whether you’re in search of raw materials like fabric by the yard or a clever handcrafted gift, owner Brenda Popp makes shopping fun and super affordable. Brenda and her crafty crew can also customize just about anything by printing, stitching or painting your name or phrase of choice on it. The possibilities are endless.

Some of this year’s popular items include handmade stuffed animals and quilts for infants, stocking holders with little chalkboards (above) and these impressive wall rulers to document your ever growing kids and grandkids. Also flying off the walls are these fun mug/glass holders (at left), which also come with the glassware for less than $40!