Life is LIke a Purple Golf Ball (image)

Life is Like a Purple Golf Ball…

Silversword Asset Management ad (image)by Kahau Kai, Silversword Asset Management

I love my house. It isn’t fancy or anything. We have a garden out front with a nice driveway and some grass all under the cover of pine trees that dot the property. Our dogs run around in a big fenced in portion of the front of our home around the pear and apple tree and life is good.

One day when we first moved in, I was outside with my dog, a loving and clumsy black lab/bulldog mix with a heart of gold. We played a little and as we were standing near one of the pine trees we heard a loud, BOOM! We both looked up to see what made the noise when I heard my dog squeal in pain.

Apparently, he got hit in the head by a golf ball that had ricocheted off a part of my house. We live on a golf course. I didn’t know what to do. I was shocked as I looked at the little white ball roll by and my dog shaking his head like he was a cartoon character. Being a guy, I wanted to laugh, but being his daddy, I wanted to console my boy so I did…as I laughed.

Finding golf balls on our property has become a normal part of our lives. This is our third year in our home and we have collected a lot of stray shots that have landed in our yard. Golfers abandon their mistakes so we take them. One October, we made them into orange pumpkin heads and hung them on our tree. We still had a five gallon bucket full left over. We took some up to a campsite where some youth were camping and gave some to them to play with. Unfortunately, some of the balls made their way into the forest…never to be found again.

The balls are usually the normal white colored ones. Some have the soon to be extinct Nike swoosh on them. Others have people’s names on them. And others are colored. When we find one of those, the colored ones, especially when they’re sitting in the garden, or on the grass, it’s special. It’s like a well dressed Easter egg that someone didn’t find. Usually orange, sometimes the balls are yellow or green.

One day, though, there was a purple one sitting in the grass. It was just sitting smack dab in the center of our lawn like it owned the place. It was special and for some strange reason, just looking at the thing made me smile.

Finding a good stock gives me the same feeling. As a financial advisor, I am passionate about what I do. I may not be the Oracle of Omaha, or one of the talking heads on CNBC, but I love finding gems for my clients’ portfolios. It’s like putting the very last piece in a 500 piece puzzle.

Same goes for good restaurants. My wife and I just ate at Little Italy’s. JJ’s place is quaint, and quiet considering you’re in a busy part of town. He’s right by Walgreens and there’s usually a limousine sitting outside his place. When we arrived, we were the only ones there…but it was 4:30 in the afternoon. As the time grew closer to when “normal people” eat dinner, couples came in one right after the other. I saw clients, friends, and even a few strangers who became friends.

It was like you came over to JJ’s place for Sunday dinner. The pasta was great. My friends had the lasagna and the eggplant parmesan and said it was great, too! JJ even came out and said hi to everyone.

I appreciate the atmosphere that JJ has created in his restaurant and my wife and I really loved the food. You could tell that it was prepared with enthusiasm and fun.

That’s the way I hope people see the portfolios that I make for them because I enjoy building them. I hope they feel like someone enjoyed putting their future together and I hope they know that the person who built their portfolio did it with passion and enthusiasm. Come in and see what we can cook up for you.

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