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Hair Conventions

by Minnesota Jodi

If your cosmetologist has ever told you they had to take a few days off to go to a convention or hair show, you might wonder why; but the answer is easy and makes sense. Most cosmologists are creative people who need stimulation and hair conventions are very stimulating.

If you’ve ever done a trade show, you probably have an idea of what a cosmetology convention is like. Typically they are held at a convention center or a hotel with conference rooms; there is usually one big room with all the different vendors selling their wares; and they might have a platform artist doing demonstrations on models to help sell products.

At most events there are two full days of classes. Some classes are short and in smaller rooms and some are longer and on a large stage. Most often the ones on the large stage are quite showy with models with big color and big hairdos on a catwalk. The smaller classes most often discuss business concepts: customer service, how to sell yourself, and new products available to help a cosmetologist run her or his business more effectively. They sometimes have hands-on classes, which might have an extra cost for class materials such as mannequin heads to learn on, and there seating is often limited.

Classes are offered in waxing, cutting, perms, straightening, styling hair, color, make-up, facials, nails, business, marketing, and anything else to do with the industry. Often, during a technique class while they are cutting or applying color, they will talk about posture, how to work smarter not harder, how to save tips and invest money for the future, how to make a good first impression, mistakes everyone makes, and how clients perceive the services they receive.

If nothing else, just talking to other cosmetologists about challenges those in the industry face can spark some good ideas. Sometimes the haircuts they show are way too out there for any client I can think of, but I might see a technique I can use. I might think, “Oh, I like how he did that with the razor; I could do that on Judy,” or “I love those bangs; they would be perfect for Veronica.” The best thing about going to conventions is it makes me excited to go back to work.

Minnesota Jodi hails from Duluth Minnesota. She’s been an Arizonan for six years, all in the White Mountains. She owns North Star Salon LLC.