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Got Zucchini? Attend Late Summer Vegetable Swap Meets

Submitted by Concho Community Farmers’ Market Committee (a group of homesteaders, growers, residents of Apache County)

There is interest in buying locally now more than ever. Evidence lays in the number of new farmers markets created in our White Mountain region this season, in the great demands part-time and full-time residents make for fresh, local produce in their immediate area, and the great number of people who signed up this year for the unprecedented number of gardening classes offered in our area. It’s evident—WE WANT FRESH LOCAL FOOD!

Ironically, as the interest to purchase local-fresh is soaring, the supply is diminishing significantly—especially during these past two years. If you are a resident who grew a garden this summer, you know the weather patterns and the climate have been particularly challenging. You know first-hand how hard it has been to compensate for: the late start in this the year of dry, hot, windy La Niña; pests adapted to climate changes faster than we have; and rodents with unprecedented will and skill to abscond with food. It is tragic! We finally achieve healthy food consciousness, pine for fresh, local produce and meat, and now we can’t find it.

This situation is very frustrating for consumers, but it is equally frustrating for local growers trying desperately to figure out how to overcome these obstacles so as to bring fresh, local food to all of these new exciting markets. WHAT DO WE DO?

Concho Community Farmers' Market logo imageWe are doing it!

Some of us will soon go back to the cities in which we reside and find solace in the greater selection of food a bigger city can offer. The rest of us do not have to give up the idea of eating fresh-local food until next summer—we can share our excess garden bounty in a VEGETABLE SWAP MEET. Join other gardeners in your neighborhood or area, find a convenient place, and set a date for people to come and exchange, barter, or buy garden produce from each other. It’s simple. It’s smart. It’s a way we can have more varieties of food to eat and/or preserve.

The Concho Vegetable Swap Meet
August 13, 20, 27, and Sept 3

Everyone Welcome

Join us for the Concho Community Farmers Market held every Saturday until Labor Day (September 3rd) from 9 a.m. – noon at the Concho Elementary School off of Hwy 61. FREE presentations on self-reliant living topics will be offered from 10:30 a.m.– 11:30 a.m.

A Vegetable Swap Meet will be held at this market on the last four Saturdays before Labor Day: August 13, 20, 27, and September 3rd. By that time, we have great hopes our gardens will give up their bounty, and we can share our surplus with each other. Celebrate a variety of local produce!

Meet clever, skillful Apache County growers and vendors of unique local products! Hear food-producing tips and health-related information in free presentations.

Learn, eat, shop and swap!