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Get Inspired at Ta Dah! Home Decor

by Amie Rodgers

Opened April 2nd, 2015, Ta Dah! Home Decor in Show Low is more than just a beautifully decorated boutique and gift shop. It is very much an inspiration mill and a variable toolbox of time saving products and accessories that lend that certain sense of “Ta Dah!” you would expect from the seasoned hand of a professional decorator like owner Gina Lock. “It has always been a dream of mine to open a gift shop boutique,” smiles Gina during our recent interview, “I have always been a seamstress and a crafter. I love people. I come from a background of family in the fashion industry. My father’s parents had a men’s store in Berlin. My mother’s father had a women’s wear factory also in Berlin. I come from a background of sewing and grew up looking at magazines and dreaming about decorating great spaces. I’ve had some schooling in interior design and have owned my company The Five Minute Decorator specializing in window treatments and decorating for the last fifteen years.”

When asked  how she came up with the name The Five Minute Decorator, Gina says that it came from a five minute spot on the local City 4 channel. “I was encouraged to appear and agreed to do five minutes. Hence, 87 episodes of The Five Minute Decorator,” she laughs, “Some time later, I saved some money and had the opportunity to open my little shop. I was looking for space, ran across this little house and thought it was perfect. It was a salon for twenty five years. My husband took out all the sinks, expanded the space and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

In addition to the invaluable help of her husband, Gina is also thankful for the guidance she has received from Northland Pioneer College’s Small Business Development Center. “The SBDC has been very helpful in answering questions and offering informative classes. They are great about checking in with me and helping me with ideas. I would highly recommend them to anybody,” she says.

With the SBDC’s help and a great space to work her magic, Gina has brought together a unique collection of inventory to help pull together everything from your room to your wardrobe to a quick birthday or housewarming gift. “I try to carry a little bit of something for everyone, not just shabby chic. There is a very romantic and repurposed theme here, but I also carry a variety of elements that can be incorporated into even the most rustic look. A lot of people are getting into  Farmhouse Chic opposed to the typical country look,” notes Gina, “The Farmhouse theme uses reclaimed elements, but can still be incorporated into a contemporary look. I try to carry unique items and I am constantly mixing it up so it’s always something different when people come in.”

In addition to great gift ideas like wine scented soy candles made with upcycled wine bottles, Gina also carries a select variety of fashion lines including a handbag line called Mona B, which utilizes upcycled truck tarps and military tents. “I really love this line of hand bags. They are repurposed, durable and can easily be dressed up or down,” says Gina.

When it comes to bringing a certain look together, the addition of quality silk flowers and the right amount of light can really make a room pop. “There are certain accessories that are a standard go-to for decorators like silk flowers. I carry very nice florals that people can incorporate into the baskets I sell. Instead of wreaths, you can do a hanging basket on your door and change it out for the seasons,” says Gina, “Another important mood setter is lighting. I love the line of LED lights I carry, which can be creatively added anywhere. Candles are also a great way to bring ambience to a room and I carry a line of battery operated candles called Simplux.They are the second generation of LED candles that boast a 300 hour battery life. They are made of wax and are incredibly realistic with a 360 degree moving flame. They come with a remote and you can program them to automatically come on for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. You can even control the flicker and brightness of the flame. As a flameless candle, they are safe (especially for kids’ rooms) and great for power outages.”

When it comes to products and accessories that really deliver, Gina is especially excited to offer a line of chalk paint that can bring new life to dated or even down right ugly furniture. “I carry a line of chalk paint, which is a paint you can adhere to just about anything: glass, metal, wood and finished surfaces without having to prep them first. I have had a lot of success with it. I like it because people want to finish a piece of furniture, but don’t have the time to strip and sand it. They may find something at a yard sale or have an heirloom piece with a wood finish that just doesn’t fit into their décor. With this paint, you can literally just paint it onto the surface, finish it with the wax and distress it (if you want a shabby chic look). It comes in around fifty different colors. It has a quick drying time with very low VOCs and can be wiped down with water. I just love this product and have used it on my display furniture and even my kitchen cabinets. With my cabinets, I just wiped them down and didn’t even take the doors off to paint. I got a totally new look for just a little time and less than $100.”

As a professional decorator, Gina loves sharing ideas and getting creative with her customers. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or inspiration for your own home, be sure to stop in and see Gina at Ta Dah! Home Decor.

Ta Dah! Home Decor is located at 520 W. Deuce of Clubs in Show Low (next to the Days Inn). Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, please call (928) 537-3009 or visit Like Ta Dah Home Decor Show Low on Facebook to receive coupons and get the skinny on upcoming sales and new products.