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Businesses Manage Mobile Workforce with GPS-Based Devices

Does your organization use fleet vehicles? New GPS-based tracking and diagnostics can help you better manage your mobile workforce and achieve compliance with new federal regulations.

Local technology provider Business Solutions, powered by Cellular One, has launched a new GPS-based tracking system that can help organizations better manage their workers and vehicles out in the field. The system can be customized to meet the needs of any organization with a mobile workforce—from fleet management companies to transport outfits, and emergency services to pizza delivery—by tracking their vehicles, assets, and employees more efficiently throughout the entire supply chain.

“This GPS-based tracking system is a game changer for organizations with vehicles. There are so many benefits. When managers have better business intelligence they have an edge in managing their infrastructure. They can improve response time and the ability to hold workers accountable for their deliveries and service, which translates into improved customer satisfaction. Seamless two-way communication keeps business moving forward at a faster pace,” said Judd Hinkle, CEO of Cellular One.

In addition to location-based tracking, the new GPS product improves efficiency and customer satisfaction while ensuring businesses stay in regulatory compliance. For example, a federal mandate for trucking companies requires they shift to electronic reporting by the end of 2017! So, businesses using this product can achieve benefits through enhancing their communication, increasing efficiency and profits, and also achieving regulatory compliance.

How GPS-Based Tracking and Diagnostics Work

The new GPS solution from Business Solutions operates off of a powerful combination of Cellular One’s extensive regional network, as well as the networks of its nationwide roaming partners, and satellite—employing cutting-edge Xirgo technologies with integrated GPS and SMS to deliver seamless two-way communication between onsite managers and mobile workers.

The fully integrated technology enables managers to use their devices as geo trackers, monitoring their workforce and receiving up-to-the-minute alerts and reports on timing of deliveries, duration of stops, length of time at a location, speed-limit adherence, and more. In-vehicle mobile data terminals feature custom maps that read GIS and integrate with public geographic data for highly accurate location-based tracking.

Again, fleet management and transport companies aren’t the only beneficiaries of GPS-based tracking technology. Any organization with a mobile workforce can benefit from this GPS tracking and diagnostics system. For example, school districts outfitted with GPS tracking can better communicate with and track school bus drivers for added safety.  Emergency dispatchers can help drivers identify and map the fastest routes to spur faster response times.

Clearly, the benefits of this system are meaningful and many. Are you ready to track and manage your mobile workforce more efficiently? Let our mobile team of Business Solutions experts visit your business to tell you even more about how our new GPS-based tracking and diagnostics can work for you!

For more information, contact Cellular One Business Solutions at 1-800-657-6395.