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Be Clean and Green with Dirty Deeds Inc.

by Amie Rodgers

In the course of your spring cleaning, you’re bound to run across more than a few things that have surpassed their usefulness like a ratty old couch or bicycle beyond repair. Maybe your home improvement projects have left you with a old water heater or appliance needing to be disposed of. Then there is that strip tease thing the trees like to do that leaves your yard covered in pine needles or leaves. If you live within city limits, you can put some stuff out on the curb or load them up and drive them to the landfill. Of course, you must ask yourself in either case, what becomes of these everyday relics and mounds of Mother Nature’s byproduct? The answer is they languish in a landfill for practically forever. Is this how we want to make our mark as a civilization?

The long-standing answer to this dilemma is to take responsibility for our refuse by recycling and fire-wising our homes by properly disposing of green waste. As a third generation green waste recycler, Jordan Hall of Dirty Deeds Inc. encourages the community to be part of the solution rather than the problem of filling landfills. “Don’t put your stuff on the curb. The couch or bicycle on the curb is made up of three recyclable materials. They all go to the landfill. When you come to our green waste facility, you can throw your bicycle on the steel pile, drop your pine needles off and put your garbage in the roll off and you will pay less than you would at the landfill. For your convenience, you can also dispose here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We truly are recyclers and always have been,” notes Jordan, “With our area’s volatile fire conditions, it’s really not safe for people to burn green waste at home. For a reasonable price, we can take care of it for you safely. For $15, you can get rid of your pine needles and firewise your property. When you come here you can see how you are being part of the solution and not the problem.”

Dirty Deeds Inc. is the only green waste facility in Show Low and the oldest in the White Mountains. “We are a 100% recycler of green waste and we are able to separate out materials like garbage and steel and make sure it gets recycled. We are staffed during normal business hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After that, customers can just call for the combination to the gate. There is a fee which starts at a truck load of pine needles for $15. You can drop a pick up load of branches for $20. Garbage is $30 a pick up load. The price goes up slightly from there based on the material,” says Jordan, “We have recycled upwards of 550,000 plus cubic yards of green waste. We process the green waste into the Mountain’s finest wood chips, which we sell here for $30 per cubic yard and mulch, which we sell commercially to local companies. My brand of wood chips, top soil mulch and fertilized mulch are also now at local Ace Hardware stores.”

Once green waste comes to the nine acre facility on the East end of Show Low, it begins a fascinating process that takes years to culminate into a final recycled product. “The green waste comes in and gets dumped. After a couple of days, I will stack it and push it with the loader. When the weather conditions are right, it is burned in a large pit equipped with an air burner that shoots air into the ground. As a commercial burner, I have the proper burn permits and a Standard Operating Procedure on file with the Show Low Fire Department as to how I conduct my business. The winds blow predominantly south—southwest here, which blow the fire into a mountain of cinders. Once burned, the material sits for a year as part of the secret family recipe, which includes how I push it or let it sit. When I take it out, the char value and Ph are where I want them to season for another year. It is then run through the plant and sits for another year before it goes to sale. So, it comes in, gets burned, then screened so all the cinder rock and such come out. The wood chips come off one side of the plant and saw dust comes out of the other for mulch. Three generations of my family have used this plant. My grandpa bought the plant in ‘94 and my dad ran on it for years and years before I started using it. The 1973 loader has also been run by my family for years,” says Jordan proudly.

In addition to garbage and green waste disposal, Jordan offers residential landscaping, fencing, corrals, tree removal, trucking, loader rental, grinding, and ground cover. He is licensed, insured and bonded. “My beautiful wife owns Longevity Fitness Center in Snowflake and we have roll offs there so people can conveniently dump trash and green waste for a small fee in Snowflake. You can call me around the clock any day. I never miss calls. Our clients are everything to us. Like at Longevity Fitness Center, we build relationships with our clients and take care of them for years,” says Jordan, “I’m 100% local and support local businesses. We have handicapped programs and veterans programs. We have worked with the City on Project Clean Sweep for years now. Every year, we accept the entire City of Show Low’s green waste for two weeks in May. Anyone who has current City of Show Low refuse service can dump for free. We take in all the green waste from all the schools in the Show Low School District for free and always have. We also donated all the mulch for the ball fields for years. We have to support each other here. When my father started this company, his number one priority was to take care of the community and that is the tradition I am continuing.”

Dirty Deeds Inc. is located at 850 E. First Knoll Cinder Pit Road in Show Low. For more information about recycling, green waste disposal, or other services, please call Jordan at (928) 242-1666. Be sure to let him know you saw his dirty pictures in The Maverick Magazine!

The dirty process in pictures: Green waste is pushed into the pit with a loader (at left) to be burned. After some time, the material is loaded into the plant, which shoots out wood chips in one pile and sawdust for mulch in another. In the end, Jordan is able to offer the fine wood chips and mulch products.