AAWM 3rd Annual Kids Art Show featured image

AAWM 3rd Annual Kids’ Art Show Winners

Arts Alliance of the White Mountains Center for the Arts held its 3rd Annual Kids Art Show, May 13th. More than 133 entries graced the walls at the center during the May 14th Awards Reception when winners were announced.

Kids' Art Show Winners

Best of Show

Halle Anderson
2nd Place: Tyler Harris

K thru 3rd Division

1st Place: Sarah North
2nd Place: Hanna Say
3rd Place: Kylie Swanson

4th thru 6th Division

1st Place: Maryana Roelring
2nd Place: Jourdan Cryder
3rd Place: Marshay Greg

7th thru 8th Division

1st Place: Anjolette Johnson
2nd Place: Tyler Harris
3rd Place: Erica Adams