AAWM 12th Bi-Annual Juried Art Show 4 (image)

AAWM 12th Bi-Annual Juried Art Show

The Arts Alliance of the White Mountains would like to thank all the participants in the 12th Bi-Annual Juried Art Show. You are what makes the show a success.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Two-dimensional art

2D – Sub Category 1A

1st Place:  Myra Pierce Rees – “Sorrento”
Honorable Mention:  Karen Lewis – “Tribute to Griff”
Honorable Mention:  Ann Anspach – “Hummer Heaven”

2D – Sub Category 1B

1st Place:  Barbara Baker – “Morning Mist”
Honorable Mention:  Sharon Dixon – “Silver Creek”

2D – Sub Category 1C

1st Place:  Phyllis Seidel – “Bowser”
2nd Place:  Nancy Berg – “Escape Artist”
Honorable Mention:  Nancy Berg – “Trailing the Herd North”
Honorable Mention:  Judy King – “Church in Cabo”

2D – Sub Category 1D

1st Place:  Nancy Stanley – “Flowers in Water”
Honorable Mention:  Nancy Stanley – “Friend in Fox”
Honorable Mention:  Jayden Taylor – “Lake”
Honorable Mention:  Beverly Cutler – “Tranquility Falls II”

Three-Dimensional Art

3D – Sub Category 2A

1st Place:  Karen Lewis – “Best Stick Ever”
2nd Place:  Myra Pierce Rees – “My First Quilt”
3rd Place:  Myra Pierce Rees – “Arizona”
Honorable Mention:  Don Allman – “Carved Gun Stock”

3D – Sub Category 2B

1st Place:  Sally Hoffman – “Here’s Looking at You”
Honorable Mention:  Barbara Baker – “Inspired by the Sea”

3D – Sub Category 2C

1st Place: Bonnie Bond – “Beaded Gourd”


Sub Category 3B

1st Place:  Evelyn Shaw – “El Malpais National Monument”
2nd Place:  Evelyn Shaw – “Mascot”
Honorable Mention:  Evelyn Shaw – “Baby Boo Bear”

Sub Category 3D

1st Place:  Madeline Thorpe – “Dancing for Change”
2nd Place:  Jason Dyrud – “Pioneer Window”
Honorable Mention:  Jason Dyrud – “Woodland Lake Sunset”
Honorable Mention:  Jason Dyrud – “Canyon Creek”

People’s Choice for the Entire Show was Awarded to

Karen Lewis for her Clay/Wood Sculpture “BEST STICK EVER”