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We Can All Learn with a Little Help

by Kahau Kai, Silversword Asset Management

My daughter asked me the other day what a budget was. I am a financial advisor. I was thrilled! Normally the questions she gives me fall in the realms of cooler dads’ skills. I explained what a budget is; that it is managing what you have so you can accomplish a goal. She asked me how that’s done and I told her that it starts by figuring out what’s important and going from there.

My daughter is important to me. She’s a great caregiver to younger children, she plays the piano, plays softball, is artistic and all the boys in her class think she’s cute. But she struggles with schoolwork. My wife and I didn’t have a hard time in school in the same way my daughter does. In fact, both of our parents considered an A Minus to be the equivalent to an F! While we try to work with her, we don’t know any other way other than how we were raised and it’s not achieving the same results.

My daughter is important to me. I am a financial expert. I am not an education expert. I am lucky to have met, through my business, two people who are education experts; who have the knowledge, credentials, experience and skills to be able to help my daughter be her best. Not only that, but they are fun, too! The rest of this month’s article contains their words. I am grateful to have met them and thankful that they are going to be a part of my daughter’s life.

— Kahau Kai, President, Silversword Asset Management… Father

“What do you do if you think children are pretty special and you like working with them? What do you do if you have a talent for explaining things and are passionate about seeing learners grow? You’d probably go into teaching. Good idea. Well, then what do you do? What do you do with 57 years of experience in public education and have decided it is time to retire, yet still enjoy working with learners oneonone or in small groups? What do you do if seeing those light bulbs pop on when kids “get it” is one of your greatest pleasures, but putting up with political mandates and decreasing budgets isn’t?
If you are Kathy Kunde and Muriel Metcalf, what you do is open a private tutoring service so that you can continue to do what you are good at and enjoy. Kathy and Muriel are opening “Learners Rule LLC” this Fall in the Kachina Office Building at 501 S. Clark Rd., above M & G Locks.

When Kathy retired this spring, she had served White Mountain families for 26 years. Kathy spent her most recent years in the classroom challenging “overachieving” sixth graders with a lively, interactive social studies curriculum where students made many vibrant models as they explored world history. She also taught those same students in her Language Arts classes. In the early part of her career she worked with elementary students with learning disabilities. She earned her Master of Education degree and became a reading specialist along the way to assist children with their reading struggles. Ms. Kunde has a solid reputation with Show Low families for engaging students with her entertaining, hands-on curriculum in both social studies and language arts. She has experience with the Three Rivers Educational Foundation tutoring students in reading skills.

Muriel has had a long career in public education. For 15 years she was the science instructor at Valley Union High School in southeastern Arizona. There she taught earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics as well as helping students in extracurricular activities. One of the things Ms. Metcalf misses most about working at a small school district is the opportunity to work with students for more than one school year and seeing them grow. Muriel started her career in public education by teaching junior high math in El Paso, Texas, and finished with four more years of junior high math in Whiteriver and Show Low. Muriel applies her expertise from teaching laboratory science classes to math by breaking down difficult concepts into chunks that are as simple as possible, allowing students to make connections that lead to deep learning. She has a Master of Science degree and a Master of Education in Educational Administration and worked as a school administrator for several years.

Kathy and Muriel are very excited about this next chapter in their careers as lifelong educators. They are available to serve all White Mountain families regardless if they have chosen public school, charter school, or home school for their children. They can also help design self-directed learning plans for those who want to use that option. Their motto is “All students can learn. We can help.” Contact them today for a free consultation at or Kathy’s phone number is (928) 242-7728, and Muriel can be reached at (928) 205-5976.

Kahau Kai, AAMS, appears courtesy of Silversword Asset Management in Show Low. For more information about financial advising and investments, please call (928) 532-7900.