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US Insulation: Ready to Make Your Home Winter Ready

by Amie Rodgers

Arizona native and Snowflake resident Terril Kay is no stranger to the home improvement business. He opened All Custom Exteriors in 2001 and then in 2006, he built a 22,000 square foot facility on four acres in Taylor and opened Kay Supply, a hometown supply store offering vinyl siding, roofing, decking, windows, metal fabrication, door manufacturing and lumber. In 2012, he went on to open KSI Metals in Phoenix. This year, the opportunity to get into the insulation business presented itself and true to this 2016 AZ SBDC Success Award Winner’s nature, he went for it.

“The previous company (U.S. Insulation) was in town when I was a young kid. It was actually a neighbor of mine that owned it. About six or eight years ago, he sold out to USI and then USI closed. With about 75% of the market and an excellent crew, the company was in a good position business wise. When the opportunity arose, I said, ‘Lord, if this flows easy for me, I’m going to do it.’ I had barely said that to myself when the phone rang and it was one of my reps from New Mexico. He said that he needed to get his insulation sales up and he had gotten me a sweet deal with Knauf Insulation,” smiles Terril, “After that, everything just fell into place. Every aspect went as smooth as can be. Everything came together in just a matter of weeks. When the entire crew decided to stay on, I knew it was meant to be. We officially opened US Insulation on August 1st of this year.”

With nearly half of your home’s energy cost being spent on heating and cooling, insulation plays a big role in your home’s energy efficiency and you may not have as much insulation in your home as you think you do. “Typically what you find in the White Mountains is that we have a variety of ages of homes. People might think that once you’re insulated, you’re always insulated, but in reality, the older product up in your attic compresses over the years and you get less and less R value and more energy cost in trying to heat your home. The biggest point of heat loss is in your roof. You lose 60% in your roof, 20% in your walls, and 20% in your floor,” says Terril, “Insulation companies have typically only focused on new construction. We are trying to promote that existing homes have every right and need to have an inspection done on their insulation. During an inspection, a measuring stick is stuck into the existing insulation and for example, if you have 8 inches of insulation you’re going to need about 16 inches of blow in to get your R value where it needs to be to cut down on energy costs.”

In addition to the traditional batt and blown-in insulation made of glass mineral wool, US Insulation also offers the latest in insulation technology, spray polyurethane foam insulation. “The foam is a high density product that never deteriorates or compacts and delivers huge energy savings. In crawlspaces and other areas where there might not be insulation or just  batt, you can go in and spray insulation. The process can make a metal building about 200 times stronger. After it has been sprayed, you have a solid wall that might have been drafty or rattled before. The same thing goes for floor joists under the house. The foam is the result of a reaction between two chemicals. The machine is completely computerized and spits out the chemicals in a 50-50 ratio. The reaction sets the foam into place. We are the only company here that is using the GacoProFill System, which is the netting that helps form the foam into your walls. The difference is that other companies spray the foam, but then have to came back with a saw and cut back all the excess. The action of the saw is creating voids in your wall rather than a fully filled space. A lack of open space is especially beneficial when it comes to keeping critters out of your walls and home,” notes Terril.

Although foam insulation is more expensive than the traditional batt or blown-in insulation, homeowners see significant energy savings that last the life of their home. “It is all about saving money through saving on energy costs. A lot of homes are now going with all foam insulation because the energy value is so great. You are going to pay two or three times more for foam than regular insulation, but if you save $40 or $50 a month in energy costs, it only takes about five years to pay for the initial investment. The foam product we offer is Gaco, which is one of the leaders in their industry. In batt and blown-in insulation, we carry Knauf Insulation. We carry high quality products and still offer lower prices than the big box stores. In addition, our employees are incredibly skilled and efficient in their trade. The crew I have is made up of top notch individuals who care and know their stuff. I have been very impressed. When it comes to the batt and blown-in insulation installation, they have been doing that for many, many years and are super efficient and quality driven. As I have always done with Kay Supply, each one of our suppliers come in at least once a year to give a presentation on their products. So our staff is very knowledgeable and up to date about the products they sell and the warranties they offer.”

Experts in keeping heat in your home, US Insulation also sells and installs gas fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves in their current showroom at 440 N. Industrial Way in Snowflake. It is that time of year to make sure your fireplace or stove is fully operational and swept clean, which are also services the crew at US Insulation are happy to provide.

Thankful for the support of a great staff and the community he loves, Terril is also thankful for the invaluable help of NPC’s Small Business Development Center. “If anyone wants to start a business or run a successful business, they need to talk with the team at the Small Business Development Center. Tracy Mancuso and the rest of the team are very talented and bring lots of information to the table including all the tricks of the trade so you can compete and win. They offer tons of programs and resources for small business owners. Our company got together and took a number of these courses.  They have also been really great about doing things on our time and working with our schedule. The bottom line is that the SBDC has helped save me a lot of money and time. I would recommend the SBDC to any business owner,” smiles Terril.

For more information about US Insulation, please call (928) 536-4031 or visit their showroom at 440 N. Industrial Way in Snowflake.

For more information about NPC’s Small Business Development Center, please call (928) 532-6170 or click now to visit the NPC website.