Stick to Resolutions (image)

Unusual Resolutions for a Better Life

Unstuck Living

by Joan Courtney

Who says we have to wait for the ball to drop on 2017 to create a few new ways to make a better life? I want to value each day to the fullest! You too? I going to share a short list of a few new things I’m making a routine in my life throughout the year:

  • Smile in the mirror. As silly as it sounds, I give myself a nice big, heartfelt smile in the mirror at least once a day. I’ve even been known to pull out a mirror and smile into it when I’m on the phone. It makes for a happier conversation and I guarantee it will improve your mood.
  • Write that down. Every day, I make a list of 3-5 things that make me happy. Or makes me feel grateful. Creativity will stir and happiness overflow when I program my mind with positive thoughts and inspirations.
  • Snap it. Take a photo that represents the best part of my day. What a way to document a life!
  • Say hello. Say “hello” to at least one stranger per day. When I put positive energy out to my surroundings, it is returned to me many times over. Little kids are the best for this for I usually get a big smile in return.
  • Find silence. Silence thy cell phone at night. When I don’t hear the chime of Messenger or texts at night, the quality of my sleep improves. No more waking up in a panic when my phone rings with a wrong number at 2:00 a.m.

Need more for the New Year? Here you go.

  • Stop worrying (as much).
  • Create an evening ritual to help wind down at day’s end.
  • Cross at least one destination off that travel bucket list.
  • Set yourself a goal and do everything in your power to make it happen.
  • Take control of your finances.
  • Do something you’ve never done before. Could be skydiving. Or hot air ballooning. Or riding a zip line. Think of the possibilities.
  • Have more fun: with family and friends. I’m including MacDuff, my little pooch here.

May this New Year be a process unfolding throughout the year. When you look back on 2017 come December, may you be pleased and delighted with what you find. But if you find yourself stuck in old familiar patterns, Unstuck Living can help you find relief in as quickly as one to three sessions 90% of the time. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is not therapy. It is an easy and tested method to help people move through old patterns and get unstuck. It is about learning to use your mind more effectively, developing positive choices. Everything you need to change your life is already within you. All you need is to have the tools to tap into that wisdom, those resources.