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Solar Cooking on the Road

By Berta Nelson

Planning a summer road trip, going camping, on a picnic, or fishing? You can cook your food on the road with the sun! Once at your destination, let the sun do the work while you play. Juicy ribs, steaks, chicken, and hamburgers cook easily in bright Arizona sunshine. Low temperature (200°F) creates the tenderest, tastiest food!

Set up your solar oven in the bed of your pick-up truck, strap it to your roof rack, put it in your boat. It really works! Want to know more? Visit this Facebook page, call (928) 243-7642, or just get online and order a Solavore Solar Oven (the black oven in the photo).  It comes with two black pans, so you can get started right away. If you want to make your own (the white oven in the photo) go to the Facebook site for materials and dimensions.

Summertime…and the cooking is easy!

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