Preparation is Key to Surviving Emergencies feature

Preparation is the Key to Surviving Emergencies

by Kahau Kai, Silversword Asset Management

I was in Phoenix when I got the call. Ash was coming down like snow in my office’s parking lot back home in the White Mountains. A friend of mine from church rang to let me know there was a possibility of an evacuation of Show Low due to a fire in Cedar Creek. I felt a jolt run through me and I shot straight up in the air. My job at the church at the time was to make sure those who needed help in case of an emergency were given the help they needed—and I was 200 miles away.

The Saturday before the Cedar Creek fire, a group of members of the church I attend got together to help the community of Summer Pines prepare their homes in case of a fire. Summer Pines is about three miles out of Show Low—toward Cedar Creek. Along with the homeowners and their neighbors, the mob of dogooders—with rakes, shovels, and chainsaws in hand—chopped, cut, raked, and bagged all the debris and fuel for a potential fire, had a nice after-party and left. They didn’t know in just four days, the fire they had just prepared for, would arrive.

My friend asked me what he should do, and as I relayed my instructions, he echoed them back to me. People with respiratory issues, elderly members with mobility issues, single mothers with young children…check, check, check. As I got my concerns communicated to him, he quickly told me all tasks were already taken care of. I asked him to drive out to Summer Pines to make sure all was okay. He said he was calling from there and had witnessed for himself some of the evacuations had already happened and he was keeping in contact with those who were daring to wait the fire out.

“The people of Summer Pines were ready,” he said. Whether it was from having to live through the previous Rodeo Chedeski fire or whether it was from the weekend’s activity of preparing their homes, the people were ready…and they were not afraid.

Thanks to the work of our firefighters and law enforcement personnel, the Cedar Creek fire never got to Summer Pines. The ashes did, however, and who knows what could have happened if the fuel was still sitting ready to be ignited?

Preparation. Some emergencies may never happen. Some are inevitable. We can help you prepare for them.

Who knows when a Brexit will ravage your retirement savings. Who knows if a terrorist attack across the globe will affect your investments at home. Who knows when the market is going to react to some jobs report, or earnings report, or Federal government report in a negative way putting your retirement goals and dreams on hold. Who knows?

The key to surviving an emergency is preparation. We can help.

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Kahau Kai, AAMS, appears courtesy of Silversword Asset Management in Show Low.