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Discover Myra’s Art Gallery

by Matalyn Gardner, Special to the Maverick

Myra Kraemer, gallery owner and artist, has been a fixture in Pine, Arizona, for the past 23 years with husband, Ed. Myra’s Art Gallery is known as a great place to see local art from the Arizona Rim Country. Featured are artworks by 47 artists, many of them local. Included is an impressive array—prints, original paintings, sculpture, photography, hand-crafted gifts, wind chimes, Indian jewelry, pottery, blown glass, and greeting cards—which is constantly changing.

Myra’s Art Gallery first opened in April 1993. When she first started, Myra taught art classes for both adults and children in the community. Between 1993 and 2004, she taught art to Pine and Strawberry School students. The gallery has changed and moved to different locations within Pine over the years, but has always worked to be a part of the community and has made contributions to numerous local organizations.

In 2006 Myra held a dyslexic artists show, Shining a Light in Pine, resulting in $4000 going to the schools. Myra organized and headed up the first Shop Hop in Pine in 2008. During the Shop Hop in 2011, Myra had a Children’s Art Activity Day with the children painting two murals in honor of all firefighters, which was presented to the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department.

Myra’s Art Gallery is based on the belief that customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.  “Our artists are committed to meeting the needs of our customers. As a result, a high percentage of sales is from repeat customers and referrals,” Myra said. An online comment about the gallery says, “Although this is a very small gallery, it is filled with exceptionally fine artworks. A lot better quality than I expected to find in this rural location.”

Stone inlay is added to Charlie’s bowls whenever there seems to be a place for it.  He seeks out those one-of-a-kind “tortured” logs containing splits and knots and wormholes and severe cracks and as many imperfections as possible and will then highlight them with stone inlay or just leave as they are to expose the rugged beauty that once was hidden from view. For the stone inlay, he uses turquoise and other stones.”

Representing more than 47 local artists, Myra takes every opportunity available to give new artists in the area a chance to hang their work in the gallery. She also shows works from well-known artists, including Bill Ahrendt, Nick Berezenko, Angie Cockle, Steve Bingham, Matalyn Gardner, Jack Greenshield, Donn Morris and Gail. Included are also her own works, which are vivid western watercolors.

Myra’s Art Gallery is located at 3788 N Highway 87, right on the highway as you go through Pine. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fine art gallery where you will likely see more great art per square foot than in any other art gallery in Arizona.